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The company Nyklíček a spol. Ltd. is a modern company, which applies up to date approach to management, customers, as well as manufacturing equipment’s modernization and investment.
Nyklíček a spol. Ltd. is a single-stage manufacturing company specialized in production of sheet fabrics by weaving. Its pivotal production program is production of fabrics for technical purposes made of cotton, viscose, flax, polyester and their mixtures. These technical textiles are intended for graphic, automotive and footwear industry, and other branches of industry. The production includes also textiles for healthcare, home textile, and high quality shirting made of 100% cotton. The company Nyklicek a spol. produces woven fabrics for Czech customers, as well as for important European textile companies.
The company is equipped with air-jet and rapier weaving machines from companies SOMET, VAMATEX and PICANOL. These modern weaving machines are suitable for production of a wide range of woven fabrics of high quality. Modern warping machines are necessary equipment for preparing of the warps, including warps for very fine fabrics. The machinery equipment is changed and modernized according to the actual need. More investments are planned for the future.
The cooperation within the cluster Clutex helps our company to withstand the competition and keep up with modern trends in textile production. Nyklíček a spol., together with universities and other textile companies, participates at research and development projects. The company goes through a continual process of innovation including introducing of new materials, innovation of products and using of modern weaving technique enhancing the comfort of the produced fabrics.

The company Nyklíček a spol. Ltd. is certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001 since 2002.

The company comprises two premises:
Weaving mill – Nové Město nad Metují
Warp preparation – Česká Skalice



Nové Město nad Metují, called also town “on the rock” or “Czech Bethlehem”, is one of the Czech towns with rich tradition and history of textile industry
The company, originally named “A. Bernatzky“, was established in 1883 by Antonín Nyklíček and specialized in cotton, wool and silk weaving.
After the World War II it became consecutively part of state companies Východočeské bavlnářské závody, Jasna, Lina and Tepna.
In 1994 Nyklíček a spol. Ltd. as a private company took up the company’s old tradition and gave it the name after its founder Antonín Nyklíček. The new company also took over the old logo – blue star in a yellow circle. The new company had to make high investments mainly in the equipment of the weaving mill.
During all its history the company produced high quality fabrics made of 100% cotton and cotton mixtures, mainly shirting and technical textiles.



The company develops not only in the technology area, but also in the areas of education, research, development, and innovations. The continuous advance in all these areas is essential to withstand the competition of both cheap Asian producers as well as high quality European producers. In recent years the company tries to develop new products with better qualities and higher added value.

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